“Everyone” Is NOT YOUR Customer!

Yes, you read that right!

Just because your product or service can be used by EVERYONE or is needed by EVERYONE doesn’t mean EVERYONE is YOUR customer.

Don’t believe me?

Ok, think about that nightmare customer you had who was never pleased… no matter WHAT you did to satisfy him/her.

Or that customer who always wants to haggle over price because “your prices are too high.”

And there’s always the “customer” who takes a bunch of your time, gathering information, collecting samples… almost on the verge of making a buying decision… but never buys a thing.

There’s also the customer who’s ready to buy something… just not what you’re offering.

Frustrated Woman

In my book, these people are NOT YOUR customer!

YOUR Customers Are The People Who:

  • Are ready, willing, and able to make a buying decision
  • Want the products or services you offer, and
  • Are willing to pay the price you’re asking

YOUR Customers are using the Internet to find a great service provider or product. And the whole point of SEO is to make sure YOUR BUSINESS appears in #alltheplaces they search so YOUR business is the one they CHOOSE, giving you a steady stream of new leads and customers... all day… every day… without paying for advertising!

Successful business meeting with two woman.

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YOUR customers can FIND YOU!

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Not Sure What You Need?

Trust me, I understand.

Lots of my clients were in a similar situation when we first met...

You have this beautiful website you either spent hours creating yourself or hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars having someone else create for you... maybe you've even created blog posts or other content... but it's not showing up when you search on Google and no one's visiting your site!

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