Get OFF the Content Creation Hamster Wheel!

Tired of creating content and hoping it gets results?

You know what I mean. We’ve all been there...

  • wondering what content to create next 
  • desperately searching for new topics that will captivate and inspire
  • dreading the time and effort you’ll spend
  • procrastinating because you’re not sure it will pay off
  • forcing yourself to just sit down and do it

Then waiting and hoping it works.

What if I told you…

I have a proven tool that will help you achieve...

Consistent, Strategic, Intentional Content

That Brings Clients To You!

With my secret weapon, you CAN!

Stop feeling frustrated, defeated, and angry about creating content and the time and energy it robs from you and your business.

Create high-quality, engaging content that…

  • Attracts and engages new leads and customers
  • Demonstrates your knowledge as a subject matter expert
  • Builds authority and recognition in your industry
  • Grows your visibility and relevance
  • Establishes trust and strengthen relationships

Get paid for creating your content!


The Custom Content Solution

Your Formula & Foundation for Easily Creating Killer Content

This is NOT just another worthless content calendar with cookie cutter prompts that fail to deliver results.

This is a proven SEO-based tool, customized for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS that makes it easy to create authentic content that search engines like Google want to share because your leads and customers are already searching for it.

The Custom Content Solution is...

A step by step content action plan you can implement immediately... with no guesswork, no holes...
It has proven results.

A formula to create content that aligns your target market pain points and your expertise... to create all the content you need to be in #alltheplaces

A content foundation to ditch ‘winging it’, writer’s block, wasted time, and lost opportunities.


It includes a way to monetize your content (without those annoying ads) so it automatically generates income 24/7... without being sleazy or sales-y

The Custom Content Solution will help you:

Outrank YOUR Top 3 Competitors and Dominate YOUR Local Market

Even online service providers can benefit from local marketing because there is typically much less competition and noise in the local market versus the global online market

Effortlessly Market YOUR Products and Services With Confidence

Easily have more sales conversations and increase opportunities to make offers without being sales-y or sleazy

Build Passive Streams of
Affiliate Income

Help others even more by sharing about the products and services you use and love

Tammy's SEO-Based Content Solution has helped me by creating an outline for my content which makes writing blog posts MUCH FASTER because all the research is done.

I also appreciate the specific SEO details so I can consistently implement a proper SEO strategy. 

It is a HUGE time-saver.  A great investment for sure! 

~ Karrie B.

The Custom Content Solution is for you IF...

  • You’re starting to plan out your content marketing strategy for the year because working smarter is ALWAYS better than working harder.
  • You’ve dabbled at Facebook ads to grow your business but got lackluster results.
  • You feel like you gambled and lost with traditional marketing for your business.
  • Or, maybe you’re flying by the seat of your pants, continually in a cycle of dreading how to come up with content for #alltheplaces… KNOWING visibility and consistency are still just outside of your reach.

Regardless of where you find yourself on this spectrum, there’s nothing better than a strategic content solution to focus ALL your efforts and get results for your OWN business. 

Undeniable Results

website traffic before and after the content solution

It’s KEY to being EVERYWHERE your potential clients are... exactly when they need help... WITHOUT running yourself ragged with the 24/7 hustle mentality.

And that’s exactly what The Custom Content Solution is… your formula and foundation to meet your potential clients exactly where they are when they need help… on auto pilot!


You want YOUR content to be the trigger that makes potential clients flip the switch and buy!

The Custom Content Solution is all about giving you the foundational content strategy you need to stand out in a crowded online space...

AND the formula you need to create, implement, and be present with solutions… effortlessly.


The secret is not to just create MORE content…
It’s to create content that MATTERS.

Let's face it...

Content creation can be overwhelming, especially if you feel you aren’t a natural content creator… which is the majority of us, truth be told.

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

The Custom Content Solution helps you turn one of your biggest pain points into one of your biggest assets and paves the way for you to take your content marketing to the next level and beyond.

Content marketing is great for you and your business because… 

It costs 62% less than traditional marketing, like Facebook ads, can generate THREE TIMES more leads and customers, and keeps working for you long after you’ve finished creating it (unlike other forms of marketing).


With the Custom Content Solution I tell you EXACTLY...

Which Topics to Cover

To attract  your ideal customers

What Questions to Answer

To keep your audience
coming back for more

Which Keywords to Use

So people can find you  when they search

What Information To Include

To help your audience
know, like, and trust you

How To Stand Out

So customers choose YOU

How To Build Authority

To become a trusted expert in your niche

Which Lead Magnet To Create

To generate leads, grow your list  and  increase sales

What Tools & Resources

To solve your audience's biggest pain points & grow stark raving fans

How To Repurpose Content

So you can be in
without burning yourself out

Jessica Grimes Content Solution Testimonial

When you sign up for The Content Solution you’ll be able to:

  • Hit deadlines more easily and hold yourself accountable for creating the content you need to grow your visibility, authority, and expertise.
  • See how everything you’re creating is working toward specific marketing goals for your services to grow your business strategically.
  • Have a solid framework in place that will have you creating content consistently and effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a beastmode content creator… you’ll quickly create and implement strategic content for the heart of every marketing campaign for your business.

And you can get all of this for JUST $1,500!

Payment Plan


Billed in Four (4) Quarterly Payments

Pay In Full


One Time Payment

Purchase Your Custom Content Solution today
and get your content working for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase Your Custom Content Solution today
and get your content working for you!