The Best Web Hosting For Small Business

The Best Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Updated: February 23, 2021 If you’re planning on building a website, you’re likely wondering who offers the best web hosting for small businesses and checking out hosting options.   With so many options available, it’s understandable that you may want to take the easy way and just go with one of the big names you’ve…

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404 Error Messages: What You Should Know

404 Error - Page Not Found - What You Should Know

The Dreaded 404 Error Messages Ugh! You’re surfing the web and finally find a link that looks like it has exactly what you need. You click on it only to receive the dreaded “404: Not found” error message. We all hate that, right? So it’s easy to understand how frustrating this can be for visitors…

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Website Compliance: How Exposed Are You?

Website Compliance - 10 Tips to Mitigate Risks

10 Website Compliance TipsThat May Save You Thousands $$   Updated:  May 21, 2020   What do Facebook, Winn Dixie, Hobby Lobby, and Domino’s Pizza have in common? They have been involved in costly lawsuits due to website compliance violations. Facebook was fined $1.44 million for violating privacy laws in Spain in September 2017 for…

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