22 Ways to Boost Your SEO Before You Have A Website

Boost Your SEO BEFORE You Have A Website

Think You Need A Website to Boost Your SEO? Most people believe they don’t have to worry about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) until they have a website because SEO is only about getting a website on the first page of Google. Right? If this is what you believe SEO is all about then you’re like…

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Website Compliance: How Exposed Are You?

Website Compliance - 10 Tips to Mitigate Risks

10 Website Compliance TipsThat May Save You Thousands $$   Updated:  May 21, 2020   What do Facebook, Winn Dixie, Hobby Lobby, and Domino’s Pizza have in common? They have been involved in costly lawsuits due to website compliance violations. Facebook was fined $1.44 million for violating privacy laws in Spain in September 2017 for…

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