Flexible Biz Team Owner - Tammy

Hi I’m Tammy, Owner of Flexible Biz Team.

I help entrepreneurs and small business owners connect with leads and customers and nurture those relationships so they can profit and grow without burning out !

I started out, like most digital businesses, building websites for my local clients. What I found out was… although these clients loved their websites, they didn’t get the results they really wantedMORE CUSTOMERS, MORE INCOME, and MORE TIME. Instead, they had this new thing… a website… that demanded their time, attention, and money!

I’m one of those service providers who loves delighting my customers with things they never knew they needed and really can’t live without. So I was determined to find a way to help small business owners to profit and grow in a way that makes sense.

Working with some of my early clients, I developed a method that was more effective than just a website or search engine optimization (although those are tools I use for my clients at the appropriate time).

Here are some other things you might want to know.

On A Mission To Help Small Business Owners Succeed

I have more than 28 years of Fortune 500 Corporate experience and a degree in Business - Information Technology Management. I share that because corporations and big brands spend lots of time and money figuring out the best ways to grow quickly and succeed. I take their BEST, PROVEN SECRETS and apply them to help your business grow.

Committed To An Exceptional Customer Experience

My clients and the experience they have working with me is important. That includes a high level of care, attention, and commitment that most people reserve only for their closest relationships. I guess that’s why so many of the people I’ve worked with have also become lifelong friends.

“We hired Tammy because we needed someone to whip the business into shape and get systems set up. We love working with her because she is so organized, takes a task you give her and returns 1000% better results than what you asked. She is a great asset to any business she works in. You can’t run a successful business without someone like Tammy.”

- Peo Kirby, Owner of Paxton Digital Marketing

Deeply Invested In You

There are often many ways to reach a goal. It’s finding the one that’s right for YOU that’s the tricky part. You have ideas, goals, and a budget. I take the time to understand you, figure out what’s really going on in your business, and help you find a solution that’s right for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

Opportunity Creator

I see the BIG PICTURE and embrace YOUR vision for your business, identify opportunities you may have missed or are unaware of, AND I have the technical skills to help you get there.

“Strategizing with Tammy on growing and understanding my business has shown me that this is truly her calling. She excels at what she does, enabled me to review every aspect of my business, and helped me map out a plan to move forward. She encouraged me to continue to grow my business when I wanted to give up. Words cannot explain my appreciation for the awesome job that she does.”

- Charise Dues, Non-Profit Founder & President

Trusted Resource

“The only constant in life is change.” - Heraclitus

One thing we can always count on is that things constantly change, that’s why I am committed to lifelong learning. I invest in continuing education so you don’t have to. I’m always researching, studying, testing, learning, and sharing insights with you to ensure you have access to the most effective tips, tools, and strategies to help your business succeed.

“Tammy is very tuned to her customers and is on top of things. She offers great guidance and ideas and has helped me to gain clarity about my business.”

- Kohava Howard, Holistic Nurse & Emotional Intelligence Mentor

Join me! Let’s see how we can take your business to the next level!